Arena Fight

Apex Credit

The Dead Chip program empowers player activation marketing
Apex Credit is the same as Apex Point in terms of in-game usage, except it cannot be withdrawn as PYRAM like Apex Point.
Why Apex Credit
  • Apex Credit can help to lock the points within the game ecosystem, reducing the selling pressure on the game token as it can't convert to PYRAM.
  • We will offer a special rate to convert Apex Points to Apex Credits to encourage players to lock their earned APs in the game ecosystem by converting to ACs.
  • We can create activation marketing programs rewarding Apex Credits luring new players without immediate impact to the game economy of increasing the token on-chain supply.
  • For instance, we can airdrop Apex Credits in-game instead of APs so new players cannot cash out in the short term. Instead, they must utilize the Apex Credits to start and try the game but sell it.
  • Through activation marketing programs, we can convert these new players to ARENA and PYRAM investors starting P2E.
Round Credit Ratio of a Character NFT
  • Each character NFT has a Round Credit Ratio(RCR) to indicate its ratio of earning Apex Point vs. Apex Credit.
  • For regular character NFTs, the ratio is greater than 0.9(90%), which means the prize will be mainly in Apex Points allowing withdrawal as PYRAM.
  • For marketing purposes, We can mint character NFTs with a low RCR (less than 0.1) to attract new players to enable them to experience the gameplay.
    • And if they like the game, they still have to invest ARENA and PYRAM to buy a regular character NFT with normal RCR.
    • Otherwise, they can only receive ACs and will not create price pressure on the token without initial investment.
  • Apex Credit cannot be withdrawn as PYRAM.
  • For upgrading characters, the player can only use apex Credit to upgrade the character NFTs that were originally minted by the player who earned the Apex Credit.