Arena Fight

The burning system

The Sink
Apex Points (APs) - the in-game PYRAM
The following actions consume APs:
  • Train new skills for a character
  • Add weapon slots for a character
    • The two actions above increase the Round Character Multiplier of a character enabling the player earn more points per battle
  • Recover character energy
  • Purchase consumable game items
    • Potions
    • Arrows/Bullets
    • Grenades
  • Subscribe to the monthly Arena Fighter Pass
    • Reduce the respawn time in battle
    • Expand the potion belt - to bring more consumable game items to battle
    • Participate in exclusive game cycle with special prize
  • Give a name to your player address & NFTs
  • Participate the PvE Mazes and Boss Battles
  • Create & join a guild
  • Tax for Mercenary contract (the scholarship system)
  • Convert APs to Apex Credit with a special rate
All the actions above can use Apex Credit in lieu of AP
With ARENA to open NFT loot boxes and bundles
  • To obtain new character NFTs (ASC)
  • To obtain new weapon NFTs (ASI-W)
  • To obtain new armor NFTs (ASI-A) (Phase 2)
Standard rate: 1 PYRAM = 100 APs
ARENA will be also used in other games within the ecosystem in 2022 H1