Arena Fight


Each address (Sponsor) can delegate its fight to another address (Mercenary), while limiting the withdrawal and spending of APs.
The Sponsor
  • Sponsor is the address that initiates the sponsor-mercenary contract by sending an invitation to a Mercenary address.
  • Sponsor has control over all the NFTs and the APs.
  • Sponsor controls the withdraw of the APs and the system will share the agreed portion to the mercenary.
  • Sponsor cannot terminate a sponsor-mercenary contract, but instead the address owner can transfer the NFTs to another address.
The Mercenary
  • Mercenary can terminate a Sponsor-Mercenary contract.
  • Mercenary can use the characters and the weapons in the Sponsor address in Arena Fight. However, the Mercenary cannot transfer them.
  • The reward goes into the Sponsor address and Mercenary will receive the agreed share when the Sponsor withdraws it.
Profit Sharing
  • The profit will be automatically distributed to the Sponsor and the Mercenary according to the agreed split proportion when starting the Sponsor-Mercenary contract.
  • An address can delegate to one address only. An address can only accept delegation from another address concurrently.
  • That means the Sponsor-mercenary is a one-to-one relationship until the contract is terminated by the mercenary
  • An address cannot be a sponsor and mercenary at the same time.
  • A mercenary cannot fight its own battle when the it is in a sponsor-mercenary contract